Accident Management

Road accidents are an unfortunate inevitability of running a fleet.

Our Accident Management programme provides an end-to-end solution to get your drivers back on the road.

Although road accidents are often seen as an unfortunate inevitability of running a fleet, our accident management programme provides an end-to-end solution to reduce your repair costs and get your drivers and vehicles back on the road as soon as possible while also reducing the risk of future accidents.

Our dedicated service supports drivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year while online reporting provides full view of our comprehensive management of processes and downtime to ensure total control and cost efficiency.

24-hour accident support

Online reporting and access to vehicle images

All claims subject to inspection by qualified engineers

Extensive national network of over 370 approved repairers

Guaranteed courtesy car for all repairs

Specialist vehicle recovery and repair if required

Lower average cost of repair

Proactive management of vehicle downtime

Cradle-to-grave management of claim

Reduced administration

5-year warranty on all repairs

The service

Available as an add-on or stand-alone service to fleets of all sizes, our accident management portfolio is focused on delivering added value and a consistently high level of service from the moment we are notified of your loss, through to the moment we get your vehicle safely back on the road.

From the outset, a dedicated hotline provides support and assistance to your drivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure they are supported emotionally and physically in the immediate aftermath.

In addition, our trained claims handlers can ensure that all crash data, including images if required, is correctly captured. This can play a key role in assessing liability and can also help mitigate potentially expensive third-party claim costs by intervening to sort out courtesy car and vehicle repair requirements quickly and effectively before a credit hire company is involved.

Our electronic claims notification means that insurers are quickly notified of claims while detailed online reporting keeps you up to speed with progress throughout the claim.

Repairs are also carefully managed through our extensive national network of over 370 approved repairers to provide real-time process automations and work distribution to high performing repairers. This can also minimise vehicle downtime by identifying potential problems such as part delays before they occur. 

Our stringent selection process for repairers, which includes initial and annual audits plus spot checks, also helps to ensure the highest standards are being maintained.

For minor accident damage our one-day repair service provides a rapid solution offered in a full bodyshop environment. The service includes vehicle collection and delivery back to the driver within 24 hours.

Finally our comprehensive analysis of your risk data can help prevent further accidents from happening.

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