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TCO+ analysis: find the right vehicles to meet your needs

What is TCO+?

Predicted fleet costs often doesn’t correlate with actual in-life fleet costs, especially with LCVs. ALD Automotive’s TCO+ offers a game changing consultative approach. Through a systematic analysis of your fleet’s performance, TCO+ identifies the most suitable light commercial vehicles (LCV) for your business. 

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TCO looks at the total cost of a vehicle, based on the contracted mileage, maintenance rental, finance rental, and other associated costs, such as tax implications. However, it doesn’t calculate the costs of the vehicle when it’s off the road, which can attract many costs. 

TCO+ is based on the vehicle’s actual performance; physically, operationally and financially. It can also help you environmentally, showcasing how to transition towards cleaner powertrains and any associated changes required. Plus, it includes the vehicle’s short and long-term reliability based on the OEM’s performance records and their in-life maintenance offering, all prepared for you by our Fleet Consultants. 

By collating all your operational needs and in-life running costs, such as vehicle off-road (VOR) downtime, journey data, conversion requirements and much more, we can identify your most suitable vehicles, powertrain and infrastructure requirements.  TCO+ provides a more in-depth and realistic total cost of ownership figure.


Features and Benefits:

  • Collates and compares the manufacturer data for all vehicles available on the market today.
  • Highlights specific locations your drivers may find difficult to get the vehicle to, or dealerships with poor track downtime records, helping your vehicle's operational efficiency.
  • Using fleet historic data to make decisions for the future, from predicting the impacts of extending vehicle leases to how your fleet decisions will affect downtime costs.
  • Over 20 different charging and journey scenarios, as well as the impact that public charging, home and work charging can have on the associated cost and operational impact (including downtime).
  • Monitor your vehicles through telematics to learn how they operate and perform, helping you with future decision making.

How does TCO+ work

  • You work with our in-house fleet consultancy team and fleet maintenance team.
  • We take the historical dealer data and OEM of your fleet vehicles, working out the downtime and other overheads for your vehicles. 
  • We look at over 30 parameters to hone your requirements, whether payload, load length or fuel type, filtering out any vehicles unsuitable for your needs
  • This results in a specific list of vehicles suitable for your needs, both operationally and financially. 
  • We also analyse location data (ideally using your own telematics), mapping out key locations for your business in terms of where the vehicles operate.
  • We use this location data to predict how different dealership networks will perform for your specific needs.  
  • Using journey data, we can map out the infrastructure requirements that your business will need for alternative powertrain adoption.
  • Doing so highlights any dealerships your drivers may find getting your vehicles to, as well as combining with downtime data to highlight any dealerships that have poor track records for getting vehicles back of the road.


You could save money and time with TCO+

TCO+ offers market-leading insights and consultancy service that could be a key part of your vehicle and manufacturer fleet selection. It facilitates true evidence-based decision making, allowing fleets to plan for more challenging situations before they happen, while providing true cost transparency.


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