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Book a Service / MOT

Book a Service / MOT

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Book a service

It is important that your vehicle serviced in line with the Manufacturers recommended schedules. This ensures the warranty is kept intact and reduces any chance of any repairs due to missed servicing. We ask that all ALD drivers read the manual that comes with the vehicle so they are familiar with the service intervals and any additional information that may be relevant.

Many vehicles have service reminders which will highlight on the dash when a service is coming up and at this point, calling the driver assistance line and selecting the correct option with direct the driver to our service booking team to make the necessary arrangements.

If the vehicle doesn't have this service reminder function, it is important that you are aware of the intervals and allow sufficient time to book the a service in with an ALD approved garage.
In the event that you have our telematics solution ProFleet2 installed, a service reminder is calculated and sent to you for a booking to be made. However, it is still your responsibility to keep an eye on the vehicles mileage in conjunction with the service interval so that a scheduled service is not late or missed altogether.

Book an MOT

It is your responsibility to ensure a valid MOT certificate is present and kept up to date. Again we ask that you use an approved ALD garage to carry out this test.

ALD Automotive approved garages

It is our policy to use the Manufacturers approved dealer network when carrying out servicing and repairs to your vehicle. We have a strong partnership with dealer groups and main dealers to ensure there is sufficient coverage for servicing your vehicle. If you wish to confirm whether your local dealer can provide and ALD approved maintenance service, please call our team on 08000 32 32 77.

Important servicing note

It is very important that you ensure all servicing is carried out on time. Failure to service or maintain the vehicle correctly may result in recharges being made back to you at the end of agreement as set out in the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines.