Industry Memberships

Our active memberships

We operate in full compliance with the strictures governing our industry, and our professional associations reflect that. ALD Automotive is a member of all of the following:

British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA)

ALD Automotive is an active member of the BVRLA and sits on the BVRLA Leasing Committee. Established in 1967, the BVRLA is the UK trade body for companies that lease and rent cars and commercial vehicles. It lobbies at the heart of government in the UK and EU to ensure that regulation and legislation affecting its members is fair and encourages competition. The association regulates the industry through a series of quality assurance inspections and a mandatory code of conduct.

Association of Car and Fleet Operators (ACFO)

ALD Automotive is a member of ACFO, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to mutual help by and for all members - whatever type, size, or style of fleet they run. It represents the professional interests of vehicle fleet operators and develops expertise in fleet management through meetings, informed debate, and training.

ACFO provides the main opportunity for fleet operators to network, and is the largest body representing fleet operator interests to Government. They are consulted by government agencies, motor manufacturers, fleet suppliers, and others, for the views of what is really happening in fleets and in this industry.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT)

ALD Automotive is a member of the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders. SMMT exists to support and promote the interests of the UK automotive industry at home and abroad. Working closely with member companies, SMMT acts as the voice of the motor industry, promoting its position to government, stakeholders and the media.

The Finance & Leasing Association (FLA)

ALD Automotive is a member of The Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), the leading trade body for the asset, consumer and motor finance sectors in the UK. Formed in 1992, the FLA lobby on industry issues both in the UK and Europe. In 2016, members of the FLA provided £41 billion of new finance towards new and used cars, including over 86% of private new car registrations. As part of our membership of the FLA, we are committed to abide by their Lending Code for consumer lending. This code sets out best practice for firms and a copy can be found on the FLA website here.  

Helping to raise the bar across our industry

ALD Automotive is passionate about achieving the highest standards of service delivery across our industry. That’s why we take an active stance, not only by becoming members of the above bodies and associations, but also in embracing their guidelines and codes of practice and taking opportunities to share best practice. Where possible, we also seek to work with others to raise standards in the fleet management sector. All of this benefits ourselves, our customers and our sector.

ALD Automotive Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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