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As part of the ALD Automotive Group – Europe's second largest vehicle leasing company which operates over 1.2 million vehicles in 47 countries – we have significant expertise when it comes to companies looking for a more international focus for fleet management and vehicle leasing.

Across the globe, we offer optimum geographic coverage with a presence in 47 countries through 41 subsidiaries and four partners covering six countries. This gives us the largest country presence in the industry.

Our international development is spearheaded by a strategy of innovation focused on clients and drivers. We offer a dedicated international team for international contracts for vehicles covering several countries, which can take in everything from centralised negotiations to international implementation, with the promise of local support to adapt to local markets and local thinking.

This is backed by best practice approaches and thinking, including a full focus on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) along with industry-leading tools such as our ALDNet reporting solution. This provides you with a consolidated view of your international fleet while advanced drill down capabilities focus from the international fleet to a single local contract, allowing country views, entity views, and many others.

We also offer a growing portfolio of flexible and added-value services, from comprehensive online solutions and apps to our innovative telematics developments, all backed up by local support to ensure they are adapted to your company needs. Our full range of ancillary services means we provide a 'one stop shop'.

As a result, not only can we offer full support to businesses looking to manage and monitor leasing and vehicle contracts but also when it comes to optimising your mobility solutions to ensure drivers' every journey need is met, whilst protecting their safety and that of the environment.

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