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ALD ProFleet is a connected car solution that delivers company and commercial fleet managers greater insight into daily fleet activities and fuels longer term strategies - regardless of the size of your fleet.

ALD ProFleet is an advanced, fully-customisable, connected car solution that unifies your data and streamlines your work, allowing you to manage all your fleet information in one, secure place. ALD ProFleet gives you real-time control of your fleet, increases your cost efficiency, vehicle location optimisation and safety, steering you towards the connected-vehicle future.


Fleet utilisation and efficiency

Our system lets you view the real-time location of every vehicle within your fleet. Current and average speed reports are available, as well as comprehensive fuel consumption information.

Data analysis for proactive fleet management

Using the data from ALD ProFleet, we identify actionable efficiency and safety insights to improve your fleet and inform future fleet policy, such as identifying EV-ready drivers. The technology is non-invasive and maintains any warranties in place with the vehicle manufacturer.

Cost and time savings

ALD ProFleet can also save you and your drivers’ administration and expenses time. It makes it easy to submit accurate, auditable business mileage at the touch of a button, saving you time and money. ALD ProFleet offers you a single, intuitive, online, Fleet Manager portal where you can manage data from your fleet’s vehicles, plus a dedicated mobile app for your drivers (available on iOS and Android) making it easier for them to access and review their journeys 24/7.

Driver experience and safety

In addition, you can monitor harsh cornering, high-speed lane changes and crash detection through ALD ProFleet, helping you pinpoint driver training.

How does it work?

Each vehicle is fitted with an on-board telematics device that transmits real-time encrypted vehicle data to a secure cloud platform. This data is stored, processed and enriched to provide a wide range of connected technology fleet services through a customisable portal for fleet managers and dedicated mobile app for drivers.

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