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Whether you are offering company cars as an essential tool for the trade or a job perk, the fact remains that the company car is one of the most valued workplace benefits.

However, with more makes, models and fuel types available than ever before, ensuring that you are running the right cars for your business has never been more challenging.

In particular, rising environmental awareness has led to a greater focus on running the right eco-friendly vehicles for the fleet, with Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, full Electric and even Hydrogen Fuel Cell-powered vehicles progressively being taken up alongside conventional petrol- or diesel-powered cars.

The increasing availability of state-of-the-art active and passive in-car safety equipment, connected car technology and the introduction of semi-autonomous driving features also needs to be taken into account when choosing company cars.

In addition, the Total Cost of Ownership (also known as Whole Life Costs / TCO) of vehicles is now more important than ever and can help promote uptake of greener vehicles on your fleet, alongside company car tax considerations.

With 60 years’ experience in providing vehicle funding and ancillary support services within both corporate and consumer markets, we can help create and implement a bespoke fleet policy for your business that takes into account all your corporate and driver requirements to provide a tailor-made solution. This can include expert analysis of where your business could benefit from the introduction of alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) and full support when it comes to implementing them, for example interactive and on-the-road driver training and implementation of charging solutions.

Whatever your car requirements, we can help you achieve them.

Creation and implementation of a bespoke fleet policy to meet your specific needs
Market-leading fleet analysis technology that can assess TCO figures from all manufacturers, models and derivatives
Full support for alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) including home / business vehicle chargers
Ongoing consultancy approach to ensure your fleet continues to meet your requirements


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