Customer Service

Our customer service teams bring the spirit of ALD to life, every day. Solving problems, taking ownership, building relationships - moving things forward. The team communicate with warmth and care whilst solving diverse daily challenges with the utmost professionalism, helping us to maintain an exceptional reputation and setting the bar for company culture. Within our Customer Service department we have the following roles which fall under our first line care, specialist care, customer cupport, central services and sales support teams:

  • New Business
  • General admin
  • Purchasing
  • Maintenance Admin
  • Payouts
  • Complaints
  • Remarketing Admin
  • Driver Care
  • Dealer & Broker Care
  • Fleet Manager Care
  • Fleet Services
  • Telesales & Retention


Nikita-HowellsNikita Howells, Senior Dealer Services Executive

Flexibility is crucial for my job. From the moment I get into the office, and I check whether any customer queries need to be dealt with urgently. I know that I could be facing anything that day - perhaps even a situation I've never encountrered before!

Of course, I have an overarching goal, which is to manage the provision of the best possible customer service through our phone lines and email systems. But there are so many ways of achieving that goal, and so many different questions coming in, that I always have to adapt to new circumstances. Investigating and resolving a query from one of customers, or from a dealership or broker, is a challenge which I relilsh.

Thankfully, the flexibility of my role is matched by the flexibility of my hours. I work longer hours on two days of the week, and then shorter hours on the remaining three. This enables me to continue coaching gymnastics outside of my job at ALD.


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