ALD Charge+

ALD Charge+ solves the challenge of how to effectively manage charging and reimbursement for your EV drivers.

This comprehensive solution enables you to automatically reimburse drivers for any charging session logged through the ChargePoint app, monitor and manage their charging behaviour, and keep control of costs. Whilst at the same time giving your drivers access to public, home and workplace charging. ALD Charge+ is the complete solution to enable your smooth transition to a low-emission fleet.


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Benefits of ALD Charge+

Driver satisfaction

Access to home charging – Give your drivers the ability to charge from home with ALD Charge+. The full charger installation process is taken care of by ChargePoint, with an option to spread upfront installation costs.

Reimbursement for home charging – Automatic reimbursement for home charging costs without the need to submit expense reports.

Public charging – Access to ChargePoint’s extensive network of over 4,000 public charging stations with payment invoiced directly from ALD Automotive.


Control and visibility

Monitor charging activities – A clear, concise view of home and public charging for all drivers within your fleet.

Simple identification of drivers - Create groups to differentiate between drivers.

Better understand Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – ALD Charge+ gives visibility of charging data allowing for deep analysis of true EV TCO.


Operational benefits

Simple payment – All charging transactions completed through the ChargePoint app are provided on one single monthly invoice from ALD Automotive, so there’s no need to pay multiple charge point operators.

Cost transparency – ALD Charge+ provides a clear picture of refuelling costs.

Helps meet sustainability goals - ALD Charge+ collects emissions data to help organisations assess their progress towards sustainability goals.

Workplace chargers – Provide the convenience of charging at work with our ChargePoint workplace referral process.


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How it works

ChargePoint will install a charger at your driver’s home which connects to the ChargePoint app. The app retains charging information taken place at the drivers home. It also connects your drivers to a public charging network, minimising their range anxiety by showing them the location and status of nearby charging stations.

Your drivers will receive automatic monthly reimbursement of any home charging with no need to submit expense reports. And all public charging sessions conducted through the ChargePoint app are settled directly with charge point operators. What’s more, you’ll receive a single aggregated home and public charging rebilling invoice from ALD Automotive. This will save you time, enable you to easily monitor and manage charging behaviour and keep track of costs and energy usage.


Why do I need ALD Charge+?

When you switch to an EV fleet you’ll find vehicle fuelling and driver behaviour will change. To make the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs as easy as possible for your drivers, you’ll need to make re-fulling their EVs as straightforward as possible.

Rather than refuelling when the tank is almost empty, your drivers will charge their vehicles whilst they are sleeping, working, having lunch or in a meeting. This then creates the challenge of how to reimburse your drivers for business mileage.

With ALD Charge+, you can set up charging services at drivers’ homes and on the public charging network. Your drivers are automatically reimbursed for their home charging costs, while public charging costs are automatically settled directly with charge point operators.

ALD Charge+ makes life simple for you and your EV drivers.

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Terms and conditions
ALD Charge+ is only available to corporate customers with a fleet of 25 and over, whose vehicles are leased through ALD Automotive


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