ALD Charge

Give your EV drivers access to a small, smart and safe home charging solution with ALD Charge.

We've partnered with EO Charging to offer our customers one of the most compact smart EV charge points on the market as part of the vehicle lease. When you finance an EV through ALD Automotive you can also opt to fund the EO Mini Pro 3 charge point as part of the lease. The cost and installation of the charge point can either be:

  • Bundled into the lease price over your term of the contract up to a maximum of five years.
  • Or, recharged back to your company as a one-off sum at the start of the contract.

The installation, maintenance and warranty of the charge point are taken care of by our partner EO Charging.


EO Mini Pro 3


EO Mini Pro 3 charge point

Group 18


Compact and ergonomic design, same size as an A5 notepad


011-electric car


Start, stop and schedule your charging sessions with the EO app.




Built-in power balancing prevents blackouts at home.



Terms and conditions

ALD Charge is only available to corporate customers whose vehicles are leased through ALD Automotive.


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