Development, Technology and Marketing

Mobility is changing at pace. The next big breakthrough is just around the corner. Your job is to find it and deliver it. The technology and creative team brings bright ideas to life, combining expert executions with untamed imaginations. So whether you get fired up by slick tech developments or compelling campaigns, your finger will always be on the pulse of new possibilities.

  • Infrastructure
  • Application Development
  • Architecture
  • Strategic Projects
  • Database and reporting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Development
  • telematics
  • Customer Implementation

The IT development team are building new digital applications which are core to 'Creating the future of mobility'. We've created new consumer websites which enable our customers to finance their next car entirely online and used the same technology to enable our customers to finance their next car entirely online and used the same technology to enable our corporate customers to offer new benefits to their employees.

Our development teams use a range of technologies to design and build our mobility ecosystem, including Net Core, RabbitMQ, AppDynamics, C# Web API micro services to support our range of different Angular web applications. All this work takes place in our dedicated Innovation and Development centre on the outskirts of Bristol.

The digital marketing and communication teams are focused on delivering best in class marketing campaigns and activities that engages with both potential new customers and exisiting customers, whether these are individual consumers or large corporate fleets.

Elliot Ward, Application Developer

ElliotWard_Dayinlife"I normally work 8am-4pm, however as a developer you have the option to work flexi time, so you can start any time up to 10am, which is really useful and helps juggle a work/life balance. I’m based on the top floor of the Innovation and Development Centre (IDC), where there’s always lots of cakes (not sure if that is a plus point or not)"  

The vast majority of my time is purely spent developing. However, we do have ceremonies for sprint planning, refinement and retro. Our team leaders and business analysts do a good job of sheltering us from too many meetings, meaning we can concentrate on the technical side. The development projects are engaging, well managed and most importantly the team are really friendly and helpful.

One of my defining achievements is getting a new internal underwriting app out (in record time) and working closely with the underwriters to make sure what we were producing was exactly what they requested.

ALD passionately encourage CSR activities, and I started getting involved within the CSR committee (as I’d been part of one at my last company). Since then I have helped guide the direction of the working group at the monthly meetings and taken a number of paid CSR days to volunteer with a charity that matters to me.


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