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Future proof your fleet with the public sector experts

At ALD Automotive we understand the complexities and uncertainties you’re facing. As your complete fleet mobility partner, we’ll ensure your EV transition is compliant, carefully planned and cost-effective.


Choose a partner who can guide you safely on your fleet electrification journey.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fleet electrification in the public sector. ALD Automotive’s experts will work closely with you to understand your challenges, analyse your needs and model your options to create a roadmap that fits both your organisation and your drivers.

Our scale, experience and analytical insight means we can meet your organisation’s fleet funding and management requirements. We are the partner you need to future-proof your plans and deliver a smooth transition to EVs.

  • Drive faster decarbonisation for your organisation.
  • Achieve real fleet savings using Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) modelling.
  • Ensure tendering compliance through recognised frameworks.
  • Address increasing costs from ageing vehicles and measures such as low emission zones.
  • Manage the challenge of charging infrastructure availability.
  • Change at the right scale and pace for your drivers’ needs.

We understand the unprecedented pressures you’re facing

The public sector has no choice but to change. What was once the EV evolution is fast becoming the EV revolution: there’s an even greater urgency to electrify, and you need to be planning and implementing now.

Fleet electrification is a powerful lever for accelerating organisational decarbonisation and help meet government targets. But it is uncharted territory for many organisations, full of complexities and uncertainties that must be overcome. This is where we can really help.

We offer both a deep knowledge of the public sector – from NHS trusts and councils to charities and housing associations – together with experience, insight and a clear understanding of the future of mobility and how it can be deployed to meet your needs.


Overcome your challenges with the help of an experienced partner

Prove ‘best value’

We understand and can work within the major frameworks and have genuine expertise in them. We know your pain points and we can make the tendering process easy.


Make the right choices in an ever changing market

With manufacturers constantly changing their ranges, choose the right vehicles with the help of a knowledgeable team who have deep insights into the evolving EV market.


Manage a complex mix of cars, LCVs and different transport requirements

Our experts analyse your fleet, your journeys and your requirements to assess which solutions will work for you. From there we map out the simplest, most cost-effective way forward.


Overcome charging challenges

We assess the existing charging infrastructure in your area and the opportunities for installing charge points at your drivers’ homes – something we can manage for you. We analyse the average length of your drivers’ journeys, taking into account conditions at different times of the year. Then we recommend the best solution both for now and in the future.


Keep your workforce happy

Switching to EVs has major financial implications for your drivers, as well as significant practical impacts – an electric car can offer your drivers tax advantages.


Stay compliant, meeting CSR targets

Our dedicated EV experts understand the regulations and targets organisations like yours are working within. We’ll ensure you stay compliant and meet your targets.


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Work with ALD Automotive's experienced teams

Although ALD Automotive operates in 43 countries, we’ve been in the UK since 1958. Over 150,000 UK drivers now place their trust in us to manage their everyday mobility and financing needs. 
Our teams genuinely understand the challenges and pain points of a public sector organisation like yours. We not only have the expertise and organisational strength, but also the range of products to support your mobility and fleet needs. 

A culture of fairness 

We believe in treating customers fairly. We’ve had long term relationships with a number of high-profile public sector organisations.  

Dedicated and knowledgeable public sector specialist team 

Our public sector experts have worked for decades in the sector and know what you’re up against.  

Wide vehicle choice 

We are agnostic when it comes to the vehicle brands we provide. We work with all the leading vehicle manufacturers. 

Funding options and analysis  

Our funding approach is as flexible as you need it to be. This includes Sale and Leaseback and Contract Hire, which can be a valuable way for you to improve cash flow and shift to a leasing model for the long term.  


Work with us to meet your fleet requirements – and safeguard your future mobility

Today, fleets are facing unprecedented change. We have the experience and strength to deliver a comprehensive solution – from planning ahead to keeping you reliably on the road day-to-day.  

Plan for the future  

We have powerful consultancy and analytical capabilities. Plus, we will work with you to research and map your future with a phased and effective electrification transition plan. 

Drive fleet savings  

We have a wide range of fleet funding options that are as flexible as you need. We use comprehensive TCO modelling to demonstrate and drive fleet savings, as well as offering opportunities to reduce CapEx spend. 

Support your day to day essential services  

We provide a full fleet management service that reduces the pressure on your team’s day-to-day. We understand that your vehicles aren’t just a way for your staff to get to work in comfort – they also serve important public functions. We provide a comprehensive fleet funding and management service, including downtime management, accident management, short-term hire, fuel management and more. 

Find a partner for the long term 

Underpinning everything we deliver is a consultative-led approach. We will help you develop your business case and provide the proof points you need. We support your long term goals and your short term challenges.  
We go with you on the journey to electrification. 


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