Smart Mobility

The holistic 'business mobility' solution.

The alternative approach to defaulting on company cars.


In-line with the growth in the number of transport options available, defaulting to providing company cars is no longer viewed as sufficient for a growing number of businesses and instead many are looking at a more holistic approach that finds the best option for a particular journey, based on cost effectiveness, practicality, eco efficiency and Health and Safety.

By working with ALD, we can help you to identify all the various transport options and develop a comprehensive journey plan. Our dedicated Consultancy Services team provides a holistic consultancy service covering everything from leased cars, short-term rentals, salary sacrifice, grey fleet management and personal leasing through to alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) and motorbikes or scooters – an increasingly popular option with city-based businesses.

One of our pioneering projects is helping a major UK company implement a completely new travel scheme to switch the vast majority of its drivers to AFVs, including fitting charge points at homes and offices, while also integrating car club and car sharing schemes, a Bike to Work initiative and smarter ways of working – in fact, everything to help staff get to work and home again whilst helping the business to run a more efficient company car fleet.

Why not give us a call? Our consultants are on hand to discuss the numerous ways in which we can help to streamline your fleet operation. Saving you cost, time and energy.


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