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Black History Month

Black History Month

In honour of Black History Month, we are thrilled to release our exclusive interview with Guy Reid-Bailey OBE, an esteemed civil rights activist and uncle to our own colleague, Ashur Morrison. This conversation sheds light on his remarkable journey, highlighting his pivotal role in the historic Bristol Bus Boycott, his lifelong commitment to combating racism, and the evolving attitudes over the past 60 years. 

The Bristol Bus Boycott stands as a significant milestone in the fight for civil rights. Guy played an instrumental role in sparking this transformative movement, which ultimately led to the Race Relations Act 1965. Prior to the introduction of this legislation, racial discrimination in the housing market was a significant issue. Recognising this injustice, Guy took a bold step forward by founding the United Housing Association in 1985. This ground-breaking initiative became the very first black housing association in Bristol, breaking barriers and providing vital support to marginalised communities. 

Throughout all the challenges he faced, there was one thing in particular that kept him going- cricket. In his life, cricket served as a source of inspiration and unity. In 1963, Guy co-founded the Bristol West Indies Cricket Club, fostering a sense of community and breaking down racial barriers.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Guy was honoured with the Pride of Britain Outstanding Contribution Award in October 2023, alongside other members of the Windrush generation. This award serves as a testament to his tireless work and the positive change he has brought to his community and beyond. 

In the interview, Ashur reveals that his family has always imparted the wisdom of “treating people in a similar fashion to how you want to be treated.” With this ethos in mind, he asks his Uncle Guy for insights on how individuals can be allies for people of colour and combat racial discrimination in today’s world. Reflecting on his journey, Guy’s words resonate with the importance of preparing the younger generation for tomorrow’s challenges and the significance of collective efforts in achieving success. 

“I hope what I have achieved over the years will have gone a long way to prepare the young people today, to prepare them for tomorrow.,” says Guy. “We must always work together to achieve success because success doesn’t come from one individual.” 

Watch the full interview to gain insights into Guy’s extraordinary journey and the impact he’s made: 


Join us in celebrating Black History Month and honouring the legacy of individuals like Guy, whose contributions have shaped our world for the better.