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Globally, we are facing a road transport revolution the likes of which haven’t been seen since Henry Ford launched the ground-breaking model T automobile. Our roads are witnessing a significant rise in electric vehicles (EVs) and a decline in internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE); although fundamentally necessary, the transition to EVs is changing the way we use road transport and its infrastructure. At ALD Automotive, we understand the challenges this creates for vehicle fleets and their management teams – this hub will help you navigate the transition.

From the rise of Clean Air Zones and Zero Emission Zones to the emergence of next-generation vehicles and the current energy crisis, there are a lot of innovative, technological, and political changes to keep up with. One of the biggest affecting the fleet industry is the UK government’s 2035 (previously 2030) deadline to end the sale of new fossil-fuelled cars.

This hub is designed to equip you with up-to-date resources created by our Business Intelligence & Consultancy experts to help you stay on top of the rapid changes we are all facing.


Future of fleet mobility trends report

Current and future trends fleet operators need to understand

It’s not an overstatement to say that when the sale of new petrol and diesel only cars and vans ends in 2030, it is going to be one of the most significant changes the fleet industry has experienced in recent times.

However, electrification is only one of several emerging technologies and ideas that could impact fleets in the coming years. As we face a future filled with considerable change, it is critical for fleet operators to better understand and plan for the potential challenges and opportunities change brings.

Our new Future of fleet mobility trends report examines several existing and emerging trends and concepts we believe are beginning to, or will soon start having, an impact on fleets. Ranging from the continued acceleration of electrification, the growth in subscription services, the emergence of last-mile delivery services, the continuing evolution of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), to the birth of the 15-minute city, our latest report looks at 12 key trends we believe will impact fleets in the coming years.

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Mobility matters webinar on demand series

Mobility matters is a webinar-on-demand video series from ALD Automotive’s Business Intelligence & Consultancy team.

In each episode, the team tackle key fleet mobility subjects - providing scenarios, analysis, insights, and case studies with the goal of helping fleet professionals better understand and navigate the fast-changing fleet mobility market.

Throughout the series, we cover a wide range of topics, including fleet decarbonisation and electrification, legislation and taxation, fleet policy and the impact of technology on the fleet mobility ecosystem.


 Episode one looks at the UK trends and the changing face of business mobility.          

Episode two delves into efficiency of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) versus Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

In Episode three of our webinar on demand series, we discuss the correlation between temperature and its influence on EV batteries and the impact on range and pence per mile.

Episode four looks at Mobility as a Service (MaaS), an emerging trend in the mobility market which captures the movement away from traditional ownership, towards a more flexible usership model. It allows incorporates different forms of transport, including rail, , bus, car rental, micromobility, and more.


Watch out for future episodes covering key fleet mobility issues and topics.



EV revolution, not evolution

Find out how to ‘hit the gas’ on EV usage and decarbonise your business by watching our ‘EV revolution, not evolution’ webinar, featuring guest speakers from Polestar, ChargePoint and 360 Media Group. This webinar was recorded in April 2022.

This webinar shares key information about the fleet industry’s transition to EVs and its rate of acceleration. Please access the supporting materials and share these with colleagues.

In addition to the recording of the webinar, you can access the presentation slides and the exclusive insights report from 360 Media Group.


The complete webinar slide deck

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Exclusive 360 Media Group market report


Transition to an EV car fleet

Do you have the responsibility of transitioning your fleet to EVs?  Do you need to build your knowledge, or the knowledge of your team as you work to decarbonise your fleet? Would other members of your organisation benefit from a better understanding of fleet electrification, such as your procurement team, or even your Board of Directors?

If so, our EV primer could be a valuable resource for you and your teams. The guide is packed full of information covering key areas of fleet electrification, including the 2035 deadline ending the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, charging infrastructure investment, driver considerations when moving to EVs, home and workplace charging solutions, fleet policy development, taxation, grants and much more, all with the goal of enabling you to be better informed and prepared for taking your fleet electric.


360 Media Green Rooms Masterclass with Russ Boulton, LCV expert

ALD Automotive’s LCV expert, Russ Boulton joined the Green Rooms Masterclass series to explore why now is a good time to adopt e-LCVs and what the future looks like. Spanning five interviews, Russ covers all the key aspects fleet operators need to consider when transitioning their LCV fleet to EVs.


Part one

What are the main forewarnings when transitioning to e-LCVs?



Part two

Do we have TCO parity when transitioning to electric vans?

Video 3

Part three

What are the main forewarnings when transitioning to e-LCVs?


Ask the expert series in partnership with 360 Media Group

We partnered with 360 Media Group to bring you a series of interviews with leading figures in the fleet world.


Catherine Bowen

Senior Policy Advisor, BVRLA


Paul Hollick

Chairman, Association of Fleet Professionals


John Burdekin

Fleet Consultant

Future of fleet mobility PESTLE

In the fleet world – and in all our lives – this is a time of extraordinary change. To help you and your organisation navigate this change, we have produced the first of our Future of fleet mobility PESTLE reports, a comprehensive analysis of the major factors influencing corporate mobility. Report published Q1 2022.

Pestle report

Fleet Guides

'Predicting the cost of fuel'; 'Total Cost of Ownership and the transition to electric vehicles'; and 'The benefits of electric company cars' - these are just some of the topics covered in our collection of informative fleet guides, written by ALD Automotive's Business Intelligence & Consultancy team.

Browse our guides to understand the impact the changing fleet mobility landscape could have on your fleet and drivers.  

Are your employees really benefiting from private fuel

Are your employees benefiting from private fuel?


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

Take control of your fleets costs

Take control of your fleet's costs


What is TCO and TCO+?

Could sale and leaseback work for you

Could sale and leaseback work for you?

Changing business travel - Mock up

Changing business travel

Meet the Business Intelligence & Consultancy team


Mark Evans

Head of Consultancy


Tash Turner

Fleet Consultant


Russ Boulton

LCV Consultant


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