Mini-Lease (1-12 months)

Mid-term rental for contract or probationary workers.

Aimed at hire periods of 1 to 12 months, Mini-Lease can help meet your specific employee vehicle requirements.

If you’re looking for a mid-term rental product to cater for contract or probationary workers, our Mini-Lease product can provide a cost-effective and flexible solution that fits in with your needs.

Aimed for hire periods of 1 to 12 months, not only can Mini-Lease help meet your specific employee vehicle requirements without long-term commitment, but it can also offer a cost-effective and easy-to-run means of doing so.

  •  Ideal fleet solution for new, probationary and temporary staff
  • More cost effective than daily rental
  • No long-term hire commitments
  • No delivery costs on agreements exceeding 90 days
  • No collection fees on agreements exceeding 90 days
  • No mileage surcharges*
  • Inclusive of road fund licence, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance
  • Flexibility to end contracts with only 48 hours’ notice
  • Option to keep vehicle and migrate agreement into contract hire or personal contract purchase


What's included?

Most businesses will have occasional situations where they need a car or van on a short-term basis, for example when new employees are waiting for a company car or to fulfil a particular contract without being locked into long-term leasing deals.

Bridging the gap between ‘daily hire’ and ‘contract hire’, our Mini-Lease comprehensive mid-term programme provides a more flexible alternative to leasing that removes the risk of termination charges but is also more cost-effective than daily rental.

It can also provide a low-cost, practical substitute to the traditional ‘pool’ car, ensuring that vehicles aren’t sitting around unused in the office car park.

Mini-Lease is specifically designed to take our most popular vehicle groups and offer them at an industry-leading competitive rate.

All vehicles offered are all less than 12 months old – most less than three months – and are delivered “as new”, fully inspected and in showroom condition.

And with a stock of over 1,500 vehicles to choose from, Mini-Lease helps ensure that drivers are using a vehicle that is fit for their specific purposes.

Furthermore fully inclusive rates – which include road tax, a 24-hour breakdown and recovery service plus tyres, servicing, repairs and maintenance where needed – mean that there’s nothing extra to pay apart from fuel and any top-up lubricants.

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*Subject to an equivalent maximum of 30,000 miles per annum and not exceeding the stipulated defleet mileage. 


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