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Launched in 2004, ProFleet2 is an integral part of our product offering, and is arguably the most cost effective and practical telematics solution available on the market today. With over 10 years of development and already installed in over 40,000 company cars and light commercial vehicles, ProFleet2 is used extensively by businesses of all sizes.

ProFleet2 is a modern, feature-rich telematics system, right at the forefront of successful fleet management. ProFleet2’s vast databank can track any of your vehicles movements –journey reporting data is accessed securely online in an easy to understand format. Using ProFleet2, your drivers can monitor their journey data and manage expenses at the click of a button. They simply select journeys as either business or personal, and create accurate expense records online quickly and simply.

Our system offers you the opportunity to view the location of every vehicle within your fleet - in real-time. Reports are available on the current and average speed of the vehicle as well as comprehensive fuel consumption information. Alternative systems often use theoretical and estimated results based on vehicle manufacturer data, or involve costly installation of multiple fuel flow meters. With ProFleet2, all reporting technology is integrated via the plug and play platform.

ProFleet2 has the ability to measure the true volume of fuel added to vehicles (subject to compatibility) and can therefore provide accurate CO2 results. The technology is non-invasive and maintains any warranties in place with the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, ProFleet2 has the ability to monitor harsh cornering, high-speed lane changes and crash detection if required.

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