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driver profiling

driver profiling

Driver risk assessments play a fundamental role in your road risk management strategy.

ALD can help you identify those drivers who present a higher risk, who can then be targeted for training to help reduce their on-road risk.

​​Driver risk assessments play a fundamental role in a comprehensive road risk management strategy as well as helping you comply with workplace health and safety legislation. Using the proven assessment methods developed by AADriveTech, an AA Group company, ALD can help you identify those drivers who may present a higher risk whilst driving for work and can then be offered targeted training to reduce their on-road risk.


  • Assessments can be completed online and reviewed 24/7
  • Creates comprehensive risk profiles for each driver
  • Can be tailored to suit individual businesses and drivers
  • Identifies high-risk drivers so that targeted training can be provided
  • Removes need for company-wide driver training
  • Simple, cost effective and proven method
  • Can be incorporated into pre-employment / recruitment process


​What’s included

Human error is a factor in the majority of road crashes but using the AADriveTech risk assessment tool – can help identify high-risk drivers who are in need of further training.

The assessment can be completed just 20 minutes from any location, 24 hours a day via the secure website. Assessment frequency can be tailored to meet your policies and the trigger for future assessments based on the outcome of the assessment.

The assessments cover five key areas: Driver History, Driver Anticipation, Driver Observation, Driver Behaviour and Driver Knowledge. Core techniques include multiple choice questions as well as short video clips that require drivers to assess hazards. Participants are also assessed on their general driving knowledge and Highway Code Awareness.

Every answer is scored and the results create individual risk profiles for each driver, with comprehensive management information.

As a result, companies can focus their budgets on employees where training will have greatest impact.

Risk assessment also saves time and money by identifying the specific areas where training should be targeted, whilst also helping fleets comply with their Duty of Care responsibilities.

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