Driver Training

Identify your high-risk drivers and reduce their on-road risk.

Driver Training can also help companies drive down their costs and improve their carbon footprint.


Fleet driver training works in tandem with driver profiling to ensure that medium or high-risk drivers are identified and retrained to help improve their on-road knowledge and change their attitude and behaviour.

As such, driver training is a vital part of a robust road risk management strategy and can also help companies drive down their costs, improve their carbon footprint and enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile.

Run in partnership with DriveTech an AA Group company

Can help meet your Duty of Care responsibilities

Able to slash collision rates, reducing driver risk

Can cut fleet operating costs and improve business reputation

Online, on-road and workshop training available

Training offered nationwide with bespoke options

What’s included?

There are many reasons for implementing a fleet driver training programme, ranging from Duty of Care compliance to cost reduction, but the fact is that such training is the only way to support your ‘at-risk’ drivers.

Either as standalone courses or once the risk assessment, using the DriveTech tool, has identified those employees who are in need of further training, there are three main options available:

  • Online training (or e-learning) – This provides a cost-effective and consistent approach to learning and can target drivers with specific gaps in their road knowledge or can deliver “refresher” training.
  • On-road driver coaching – This can help influence individual driver attitudes and behaviours and improve competence regardless of the type of vehicle they drive. It provides practical training to help ensure your employees make improved driving decisions and therefore reduce their risk while driving.
  • Workshops – These can target multiple drivers whilst offering a highly cost-effective method of improving driver performance. A wide variety of topics can be covered, including speed recognition and hazard identification. The workshops can be used to improve road behaviour and knowledge amongst drivers of all risk levels and can also be used as a foundation course for practical on-road training for higher-risk drivers.

All our driver training modules are run in partnership with DriveTech, an AA Group company, which has over 25 years’ experience of running fleet risk management and driver education services in the UK and has a reputation for excellence and innovation. Courses can be tailored to meet individual driver and business needs and form part of our comprehensive DriveSafe suite of road risk management services, which also includes other options such as driver eyesight and licence checking.


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