Licence Checking

Ensuring your drivers have valid licences is an essential part of your duty of care.

Our DriveSafe solution has been designed to offer a practical and cost-effective solution to help you remain compliant.


Ensuring that your drivers have valid licences is an essential part of your ‘duty of care’ as an employer, backed up by a wealth of legislation. However for many businesses, licence checking can prove an administrative burden, compounded by the June 2015 abolition of the paper counterpart.

Our DriveSafe licence checking solution has been designed to provide a straightforward, practical and cost-effective service that can help keep both your company and your drivers remain compliant.

Helps ensure compliance with Corporate Manslaughter Legislation and Health and Safety legislation

24/7 online reporting

3 year DPA mandate

DVLA and DVL NI approved

ISEB Data Protection certification

ISO 27001 compliant

24-48 hour turnaround

Flexible enrolment options

Dedicated customer support

Alerts for illegal drivers / category expiry

What’s included?

ALD Automotive has been running its DriveSafe licence checking solution for over 10 years to enable you to accurately and independently validate your employee’s driving history.
The service is based on a Data Protection Act release form with a three-year mandate that allows the checking of licences with the DVLA, without reference to the driver in question at any time over that period.

Easy driver enrolment options ensure flexibility while 24/7 online reporting is provided via our ‘THREESIXTY’ fleet management portal and offers secure access to the findings. 
Automatic alerts are provided for illegal or unlicensed drivers along with notifications of drivers whose category have expired.

The service can also be build into the THREESIXTY company car ordering process to ensure your employee is eligible to drive the chosen vehicle. Other solution from the comprehensive
suite of DriveSafe risk management products can also be included to help ensure your drivers are kept safe and compliant.


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