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eyesight declaration

eyesight declaration

Eyesight checks are a vital part of a companies Duty of Care responsibilities.

Our Risk Management programme can help you ensure compliance and minimise driver risks.

Although there is no specific legislation to check company car driver eyesight, it is still a vital part of a company’s Duty of Care responsibilities to its employees under Health and Safety Legislation.

ALD’s DriveSafe risk management programme can provides your business with the ability to record information on routine driver eye tests to ensure Duty of Care compliance and help minimise driver risks.


  • Forms part of DriveSafe comprehensive road risk management programme
  • Allows routine driver eye tests to be recorded
  • Automatic reminders every two years
  • Reduces driver risk
  • Provides auditable record for Duty of Care compliance
  • Cost-effective method


​What’s included

As a growing number of businesses recognise the need to monitor and record company driver eyesight tests, ALD’s DriveSafe risk management solution can provide a cost-effective and simple solution.

DriveSafe offers a comprehensive tool to help you meet all your Duty of Care responsibilities when it comes to road risk management and this includes eyesight checking.

Using the service, you can record information on routine driver eye tests to show employees who drive on business have had an eyesight test in the last two years.

Information displayed in a summary dashboard clearly shows those drivers who have confirmed they have had an eyesight check, enabling you to focus on those who haven’t had an eyesight check or have not responded at all.

Reminders are provided two years after the last eyesight test to both a nominated administrator and the driver.

The service provides a cost -effective method of gaining both peace of mind and auditable records that demonstrate this important Duty of Care requirement has been met.

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